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Traveling Time

So my plan today was to get a new post out to you guys, but unfortunatley my computer froze as I was more than halfway through the post and I lost everything! I seriously almost started crying. Hopefully I can get it out this week while I’m on spring break! I’m going to visit my aunt with my mom, no parties or drinks for me, I’ll be spending my week relaxing on a beach and hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to blog in the evenings. For my traveling outfit I’m wearing jeans from PacSun, a flanel shirt from Urban Outfitters, a purse from Urban Outfitters, and shoes from Charlotte Russe. Next time I post I’ll be in the tropics!


One More Day

Last day of school before spring break! I’m so ready for it! But first one more day of cool weather. Comfy jeggings from American Eagle, cropped sweater from Delia’s, scarf from Candie’s, and shoes from Journeys.

Simply Madness

Yesterday I stayed at school until 5:15 to work on newspaper, then I had to attend an event for Students Against Destructive decisions, then it was time for homework, and this morning I woke up at 5:00 to get to school an hour early to finish this issue of the newspaper. To say the past day has been hectic for me would be an understatement, but of course I stayed cute while doing it. This morning I put on my most flattering (and comfortable) pair of skinny jeans from SO, a cropped sweater from Delias, and a necklace from Forever 21 to add some of my girly to flair to the simple outfit

Hannah Collins asked: Hey i was wondering if you new tips that could help my hair grow faster?

So many girls strive for long luxurious hair, but it doesn’t just grow over night, no matter what you do (unless you get extensions). The best thing to do to get your hair to grow is to keep it happy and healthy.

Use a Heat Protectant

Heat is extremely damaging to hair. You’re basically burning it, so to keep it protected use a heat protectant spray or serum (i recommend a spray). Use it whenever you go to straighten or curl your hair and it will help keep it soft and shiny.

Don’t Wash it Every Day

Hair is most fragile when it’s wet  wo when you get out of the shower, brush your hair, and blow dry it it’s breaking off easier than when it’s dry. If you can, try to wash it every other day or maybe even every 2 days if your hair doesn’t get that oily. It will save your hair from some of that daily wear and tear.

Get it trimmed, but not too often

A lot of people say you should get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, but from experience I think that’s too often if you really want to add length to your hair. Your hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch a month and when you get your hair cut they normally chop off about a 1/2 inch. That’s a whole months work right there! Once you start noticing bad split ends that’s when you should get it trimmed. I usually wait 4-6 months depending and my hair dresser usually takes off 1/2 an inch.

Eat healthy and work out

The healthier your body is the healthier your hair will be too. Hair likes protein, so eat food high in proteins and take a daily vitamin if you can.


When you do wash your hair give your head a good massage while your shampooing. Use the tips of your fingers and rub them in a circular motion on your scalp. This has been said to help stimulate hair growth.

Protect against split ends

You really want to treat the ends of your hair with care, because the ends are the oldest. I recommend using Organix Split Ends Mender. It smells like delicious coconut and helps keep your ends healthy and shiny.

An UGGly Trend

This generation’s winner of the unforgivable fad: UGGs.

Let it be known that if you’re wearing any variation of the atrocious boot along with a skirt people will make fun of you.

You look like you’re wearing a small animal on your feet and if you roll them down it just looks like you neglected to shave your ankles for a few months.

It’s amazing how the simple act of sliding on UGGs can change an adorable outfit into an appalling one. It’s like people have lost their ability to distinguish between the terrible sheep skin boots and a pair of nice shoes.

It’s time to end the confusion.

UGGs are unattractive; but they do provide a soft, warm environment for your feet to snuggle in.

Since these are comfortable shoes they should only be worn with comfortable outfits. Take a moment to imagine heels being worn with sweat pants. It would look ridiculous. The same applies to UGGs with skirts.

If necessary UGGs can be worn with sweatpants or yoga pants, and in some cases jeans (but that’s pushing it).

No matter what they’re worn with though, they should always be a neutral color. Never under any circumstance should they be multi colored, or God-forbid, sequined.

Just because an UGG is sparkly doesn’t mean its fancy. In fact the sequined UGGs that have recently come to the market are quite the opposite. They’re tacky.

These poor excuses for boots should never be worn with a skirt or dress. Heels and flats should.

Heels and flats, respectable shoes, may at times be uncomfortable. They may even cause blisters or cramps, but you have to focus on one thing: they’re cute.

Your choice to bear the discomfort will be worth it.

If you cop-out and choose UGGs, you will be submitting yourself to future ridicule for your unfortunate misstep in the world of shoe fashion.

If there is one thing to be learned here, it’s that UGGs do no enhance one’s cute outfit. They ruin it. So girls, the next time you get dressed up don’t fall victim to this awful trend.

The famous Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Guaranteed if you wear UGGs you will be “tacky and unattractive.”

So please do Chanel (and the rest of the world) a great favor and just put on a nice pair of shoes.

To School

Oh a monday. What a wonderful day for a skirt. Sunny and lovely outside. Today I wore a floral skirt from Lord and Taylor a striped shirt from J. Crew and a belt from Delias. I love springtime and I love mixing patterns!