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How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

Alexis asked: Hi I was wondering how to curl my hair with a straightener. Please help thank you ūüôā

Pretty in Pink…and Polka Dots

I finally got to wear my new dress today!¬†¬†The dress is from Urban Outfitters,¬†I got it a few weeks ago, I think I tried on every single thing in Urban Outfitters before I settled on this dress. I wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted since I don’t live near an Urban Outfitters. I’m definently glad I¬†decided on this one though, I got tons of compliments. I¬†styled it with¬†tights from Kohls, a belt from H&M, a ring from Macy’s, and the shoes are old, I don’t know where they’re from to be quite honest.

A muggy monday

Today was a muggy day which meant for once my school would be warm inside as opposed to freezing cold so I decided to wear a short sleeved shirt from Hourglass, with a lovely tie back that I’m in love with. I paired it with a pair of distressed light wash jeans from PacSun¬†to keep it casual. I added a pearl drop necklace from PacSun for a little bit of my extra touch and finished with a pair of grey flats from Journey’s.

How to pick a hair color

Sara asked: I was hoping for advice on dying my hair, im naturally a red head, and i have freckles, but i really just dont want to be a ginger anymore! I think dying it brown would be nice, but im just not sure with my freckles, or if it would wash me out? Could I get rid of my freckles? or dye my hair another color?

Jergens Natural Glow Review

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. It claims to make you tanner after applying it daily for a week. Well since spring break was coming up and I’m so pale I practically glow in the dark, I decided why not give it a shot and see if it gives me a nice base tan? Well I think I wasted my money. I followed the directions to a tee, and applied for more than a week and I didn’t notice much difference. It’s just like any other moisturizer really. While it did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, it didn’t leave it with a bronzy tone. My sister also used the product, she said she did see a difference, but I didn’t, I think she just didn’t want to believe she wasted her money. So while the moisturizer does moisturize, it doesn’t give you that “natural glow.” The only way to get that is to get out in the sun (with sunscreen, don’t want to get skin cancer!) and soak up the rays.

Peaches N Cream

Unfortunately Spring Break is over, and it’s time again for school. Fortunately this meant that I get to wear a new shirt I got over break. Upon my return¬† home I also discovered that I have the perfect necklace from American Eagle to wear with it! I’m obssessed with the colors, I love orange and teal together! The shirt is Peaches N Cream, I got it from a little boutique called Hourglass down on the island. And I paired it with my dark skinny jeans from So, and my flats from Charlotte Russe. I even straightened my hair! That’s when you know I really wanted to look nice.